The last few weeks have been insanely busy.  I truly don’t think I still have fully come to terms with the changes happening in my body, and I very much am still trying to live the life of a pre-pregnant woman.  This was very blatantly observed over the course of last weeks “Babymoon”.

Everyone told my husband and I about how important it was to go on vacation one last time before Harper makes her official entrance into the world.  To take some time to relax, reflect, and rest before our world is turned completely upside-down.  A relaxing, reflecting and restful vacation?  That sounds horrible to me!  Why would I spend money to go sleep on a beach when I can sleep right in my own bed and not spend a dime?  My husband and I just aren’t those types of people.  We crave adventure, excitement, and entertainment!  Plus, lets be real… my husband is a red-head and beach vacations are his kryptonite.  So, with all this in mind, we decided to skip the boring relaxation part, and went big.  The plan was to fly to Vegas, stay for a day, drive to Santa Monica, CA, stay another day, then drive back to Vegas, stay the weekend and come home.  It would be our last hurrah before Harper and all her glory take over our lives.  And I was ecstatic.

“Vegas while pregnant?” you say?  Why yes, it does suck not being able to drink in Sin City.   And yes, I received hundreds of nasty looks from drunk-off-their-ass bitches wondering why I was even allowed in Vegas while pregnant.  It was very hard getting over the self-consciousness that came with the judgments and looks, but Vegas is actually an amazingly fun city, even when you’re sober!  We got to experience all the activities I have always been to drunk to enjoy on past trips to Vegas.  For example, I have never actually made it over to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.  This is actually an incredibly fun experience, and my husband and I had a blast taking pictures with all our favorite celebrities!  I have also always wanted to see a Vegas show, but by the time the shows are set to start, I am usually 6 feet deep and barely remember what I’ve eaten that day.  So we decided to make my dream a reality and go see KA at the MGM Grand.  I have seen my fair share of traveling Cirque de Soleil shows, but this one is by far the most amazing production I have ever seen.  Finally, I am not a gambler, and actually do not enjoy most aspects of this American past-time, but sports betting is awesome, and watching the Broncos in Vegas was something I have always wanted to do.  And low and behold, we even won money!

Santa Monica is one of my new favorite cities, and we were lucky enough to stay directly on the pier.  We got our fill of seafood, and people here were much more receptive to my pending motherhood (AKA, no one looked at me as if I was a leper like in Vegas).  If there was a relaxing part of the trip, this leg was definitely it.  Although we still walked almost 10 miles per day just out exploring the city!  Like I said, we aren’t exactly the “relaxing” type. 

Overall, I am so extremely happy we decided to take this “Babymoon”, and I definitely recommend all future parents take a trip, any type of trip you like, before baby arrives.  Life is going to be changing forever in just three more months (maybe less!), and it is so important to me that I maintain my personality and sense of self-being, and this trip certainly helped tremendously with that.  Now we just need to buckle down and get to work finishing up all the tasks still left ahead!  My baby shower is in two weeks, there is still plenty to do to finish up Miss Harper’s new digs, and I have now officially entered the “most uncomfortable trimester”.  Yippie.  But at least now I can let Harper know that she has already been to Vegas, and that her next journey there will be in 21 years, and obviously I will be with her…and for that trip I won’t be the sober one. 🙂










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